My name is Carolina but people call me Caro. My nickname in Spanish means expensive but if you add another r it means car. I am from San Jose born and raised, live in the Japantown neighborhood, went to a local elementary, San Jose High, and now attending San Jose State. I work at Philz Coffee across the street from campus and have been working there for three years! My mom settled here in the 80’s as she migrated from Durango, Mexico. With no family here, only friends from her hometown saying that they were going to settle in San Jose, she decided to do so as well. It has been 40 years now that she has settled here in San Jose, and this is now the place I get to call home. My small family of a brother and a sister is growing; as I have a nephew named Santiago age 4 and a niece named Sara age 1.

I am a huge fan of: Harry Potter , Hufflepuff house, Game of Thrones, annual pass Disneyland holder, into house plants, and buying vintage. It is often said that millennials are more into their Harry Potter house more than buying an actual one which I thought was comical. I would like to consider myself an inbreed of being a millennial and gen-z. I start to feel old but I know I am not; I just think it’s the pressure of society having young adults think that they should have everything figured out.

Why new media? I was looking into a mass communication minor because of the creative career opportunities. I am a Sociology major and this semester I wanted to expand my knowledge to minor in something I wanted to learn more about. I am taking a PR class to compare the two minor optitons. Social media is heavily influenced with everyday life, and I feel like minoring in something that can be used in a work atmphosphere would be helpful. I love that I have to create something every week whether it’d be a twitter account, a blog post, or a podcast has me wanting to be more expressive of what I create and submit. I love fashion and it would be a dream to use social media elevate their brand and firms. I am excited for the future.




sjsu student.jon snow deserved more.wear a mask.

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Carolina Magallanes

Carolina Magallanes

sjsu student.jon snow deserved more.wear a mask.

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